Tutorial Series

First Steps Programming Series - Web


PHP/MySQL using Laravel 5.3 with Angularjs 1.6

Learn how to code using the popular Laravel Framework and do it in a real world scenario.

PHP Javascript AngularJs

First Steps Programming Series - Shell Scripts


Scraping with Python using BeautifulSoup 4

Retrieve data from any websites by coding your way with Python.

Python BeautifulSoup4

First Steps Programming Series - Javascript

1st Edition

Highcharts Plugin: Splines with Grouped Columns

Custom Highcharts plugin tutorial.

First Steps Programming Series - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)


Design a webpage on a PLC

Build a simple webpage on a PLC using jQuery.

Other topics

Life Hack # 1486099363 : Free Notary Public

Only applies to documents with lesser value.

Grades don't make you successful. Experience and values do.

Yeah, grades won't. Your grades are not the sole rubric of intelligence.

Bare Hands Live Wire Tapping Challenge

Look Ma, no tools, no tricks, just skills! :D.

Tank-slapper on a Honda XR150L - A close call

A foolish attempt to overtake on a curve, got surprised instead.

No hydraulic lift, no problem. Ropes lift my mini-truck.

Who says I need some high-tech hydraulic lift? Ropes got my back, indeed.

Demonstrating Improper Grounding Hazard

See how much electricity can leak through earth.

Non-spiked Tree or Post Climbing Gear

A crude climbing gear but it works.

PHP Developer Jobs

My Projects

AngularJS v1.x Module: Modal Window

It started from a custom directive, it's now a plugin.


A C# .net VT/Telnet terminal emulator.

Laravel Scaffold

Automatically generates the scaffold files for Laravel.


Tracking Petrol Prices.

Break-Even Calculator for Trading in AngularJS

Let's you know how far your trade from your break-even price.

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